Peugeot unveils Onyx supercar concept in Paris Motor Show [Video]

Peugeot has unveiled the unique Onyx supercar concept at the 2012 Paris Motor Show. It is unique in a sense that unlike usual supercars, this one is made out of copper, carbon fiber and paper. The fine curves you can see in the picture have been sculpted by hand with brass sheets. The awesome supercar, […]

Audi bringing Q2 SUV Concept to Paris Motor Show

Rumors were doing rounds that the revival A2 hatchback will be shown at the upcoming Paris Motor Show, but hold on, it is not a hatchback but an SUV. According to Autocar, Audi is actually bringing a small SUV named Crosslane Coupe Concept.The vehicle will have two-doors and a four-seat arrangement. Under the hood, there […]

SsangYong unveils e-XIV Concept ahead of Paris Motor Show

SsangYong has announced that they are bringing the e-XIV concept to the upcoming Paris Motor Show. The e-XIV crossover looks great with its unique style and fine design. As the name suggests, it’s an all electric vehicle which comes with only two doors. The rear windows are way too small, while the glass roof is […]