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Scientists discover new ‘Meghalayan age’ in Earth’s history, call it a new chapter

The last 4,200 years have been classified by the geologists as a distinct Earth age. They have termed it a new chapter called the ‘Meghalayan Age’. The scientists say a mega-drought that destroyed a number of civilisations worldwide marked the onset of ‘Meghalayan Age’. They divide the 4.6-billion-years of existence of Earth into slices of […]

Kholod Rocket

Fastest machine on earth ‘Kholod’ up for sale at RM Auctions

The Kholod hypersonic rocket, which is the fastest machine on the planet, is up for sale at the RM Auctions’s upcoming London sale, scheduled to take place in Battersea Park on September 8. This particular machine is one of the few remaining HFL Kholod rocket systems created by NASA and the Russian Institute for New […]