Pamela Anderson spotted at Gemballa Stand at Top Marques Monaco [Video/Photo Gallery]


It kind of new, you know coming to know that Pamela Anderson is big on cars and races. We also had little idea about that, until she was spotted at Gemballa stand at Top Marques Monaco. With the smile that she kept on most of the time, it can be assumed she like whatever the German Tuners had on offer.

Pamela was there for business basically and then out of the blue, Gemballa CEO Andreas Schwarz picked her up in a Panamera Mistrale. Even with all the money to promote and all, having Pamela does get those extra eyeballs.

Pamela Anderson spotted at Gemballa

This car is what people want when they are looking for super sports car performance but also like to be chauffeured around,” says Schwarz, which explains why he chose it to pick up the mistress.

To add something of importance before we end, Pamela was impressed with the company’s new Diamond paint, which literally contains small bits of diamond in it. And yes Pamela still looks gorgeous, you noticed too, but I had to tell.



Source: Autoevolution

Photo Credit: Gemballa

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