Mystery behind Steve Jobs’ ‘missing number plate’ revealed

Steve Jobs car

Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple and Pixar, who passed away on October 5, left behind a rumor that has been doing rounds across the World Wide Web. The rumor about his car’s number plate, we should rather say, the number plate which was never found on his car.

While some say, Jobs never bothered to pay fines; others claim he had obtained a special permit to drive his car without a number plate.

Well, that was all rumors. The mystery about the “missing number plate” has been revealed by one Jon Callas, who was an employee at various security positions in Apple. Callas has dismisses all these rumors and tells the truth to iTWire.

Jobs was always spotted driving a silver Mercedes-Benz SL 55 AMG which never had number plate.

According to Callas, Jobs found a loophole in the California vehicle law, according to which a person is given a period of six months to put a number plate on his brand new vehicle.

Hope you guys must have guessed what I am about to say. Yes! You guessed it right! Jobs made some arrangement with the leasing company. He kept on changing his cars every six months. He simply used to exchange his silver SL 55 AMG with an identical new one.

Well, did you ever notice the difference in his car? People assumed that Jobs either illegally drove his car or had permission to do so.

We must say – what a discovery! RIP Steve Jobs!

Via: iTWire

Photo courtesy: Flickr

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