Life on Mars? Nasa spots alien ‘spiders’ on Red Planet

Nasa spots alien ‘spiders’ on Mars
Nasa spots alien ‘spiders’ on Mars

US space agency NASA has released pictures showing ‘spiders’ on Mars, though, they do not prove that aliens once lived on the surface of the red planet. The spiders in question are actually mounds that have been formed by a natural process.

This kind of surface is called ‘araneiform terrain’. NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has captured the pictures showing an area near the south pole of the red planet. Nasa wrote: “These aren’t actual spiders.”

“The word ‘araneiform’ means ‘spider-like’. There are radially organised channels on Mars that look spider-like, but we don’t want to confuse anyone by talking about ‘spiders’ when we really mean ‘channels,’ not bugs,” NASA said.

“Over time, the trapped carbon dioxide gas builds in pressure and is eventually strong enough to break through the ice as a jet that erupts dust. The gas is released into the atmosphere and darker dust may be deposited around the vent or transported by winds to produce streaks. The loss of the sublimated carbon dioxide leaves behind these spider-like features etched into the surface,” a NASA release said.

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