Is Apple building iCar? Find out what experts say

Apple iCar

Rumors had been doing rounds that after smartphones, tablets and iwatch, Apple is planning to unveil a wonder-car called Apple iCar.

It was even claimed that Apple is on a lookout for automotive specialists with rumors about the iCar test mule.

Well, now, investment research company Sanford C Bernstein, cited by Forbes, says that Apple will not be launching any iCar in the near future.

“The idea of an Apple iCar is not totally outlandish. But when Apple enters a category, it usually aims for domination. For that to be feasible in the auto industry, a huge number of technical barriers will need to be overcome and a series of revolutionary developments will need to align simultaneously – notably competitive electric powertrains and autonomous driving,” the research company argues.

Well, only time will tell whether we will ever see an Apple iCar running on roads or not in the near future. We must wait for official confirmation rather than going on rumors. What say?

Post Author: Dinesh Chandra

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