ISRO postpones moon mission Chandrayaan-2, launch delayed for second time

The launch of India’s second mission to moon – Chandrayaan-2 – has been delayed for the second time, according to a top official. Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) will launch Chandrayaan-2 no sooner than January, the official added. ISRO had first planned the launch in April. In a setback for ISRO, the launch of a […]


MS Dhoni performs hilarious stunt on bicycle, asks fans to ‘try it at home’

The Indian cricket team is preparing for the upcoming five-match Test series against England, while Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who retired from the longer format of the game, is enjoying his free time off from cricket. Dhoni has shared a video on Instagram in which he can be seen having fun on a bicycle with his […]


Astronaut captures stunning pictures of ‘blood moon’ from International Space Station

  An astronaut captured some stunning pictures of Friday’s total lunar eclipse from the International Space Station. Friday’s total lunar eclipse is also called as a blood moon because of its orange-red colour. German astronaut Alexander Gerst, who is a geophysicist and spaceflight veteran, launched towards the ISS on June 6. Gerst clicked the pictures […]

Source: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

NASA’s new planet hunter TESS begins its search for alien worlds

NASA’s new planet hunter named the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS), which was launched in April this year, has started its search for alien world around nearby stars. TESS officially kicked off its science operations on July 25. It is expected to transmit its first science data back to Earth in August. After that, it […]