Hyundai unveils Street concept Veloster at 2012 Australian Motor Show

The Australian International Auto Show organized in Sydney, Australia will be the host to the dazzling Hyundai Veloster. The Veloster, a Street concept car from Hyundai, can be seen at the Auto Expo from October 19 to October 28. Hyundai has come up with the street concept of the Veloster, which quite resembles the SEMA-project […]

Video: The peerless Experiment ZR012 wristwatch from Mazda

After Mazda did away with their trademark Wankel rotary engine, ceasing all production earlier this year, they have come up with a watch implementing the same unique concept of the rotary engine. The limited collection accessory is a spectacular piece of art carved with exemplary finesse. The watch is named as the Experiment ZR012. The […]

Harley-Davidson introduces yet another Classic – The Switchback 2013

The Harley-Davidson has come up a yet another classic – The Harley-Davidson Switchback. The Switchback is sure to fixate the gaze of the onlookers on its sheer class and panache. This merchandise from the Harley-Davidson is a complete cruiser suitable for both city roads as well as cross country roads; with adjustable accessories such as […]

Jeff Dunham teams up with Mopar and SRT to architect Dodge Challenger Project Ultraviolet

The annual SEMA Show has become somewhat more than a show just about the cars. It has that special appeal to itself that attracts a load of celebrities from the various industries. Celebrities from the music world, television industry, movies get themselves associated some way or the other with the annual SEMA Show all the […]