Barack Obama’s Beast: All you need to know about the fortress on wheels [VIDEO]

US President Barack Obama's Beast

US President Barack Obama on Sunday landed on the Indian ground, where he saw a special someone waiting to welcome him apart from Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Yes, we are talking about the ‘talk of the town’ – Obama’s ‘The Beast’.

The body of the limousine ‘Beast’ sits on a Cadillac DTS. An 8-inch thick armour plating on the body and 5-inch thick bulletproof windows ensure the President is safe from all threats as well as chemical attacks.

The Secret Service will unleash the beast only when Mr President will take a ride on it on Republic Day.

The move to make US President’s ride the safest in the world came following the assassination of President John F Kennedy, who was killed while riding on an open top Lincoln Continental.

Moving Fortress

Know ‘The Beast’

  • The weight of the Beast’s door is similar to those of a Boeing-757 aircraft
  • The vehicle weighs eight tones
  • The Beast runs on shred and puncture resistant Kevlar-reinforced tyres and steel rims
  • A special foam protects the vehicle’s fuel tank in order to avoid any kind of explosion
  • The Beast is based on a Cadillac DTS
  • The limousine doesn’t have a specific model name
  • The Beast has been built using features that come from various vehicles from the General Motors brand. The origins of chassis, doors, headlights, side mirrors and door handles are different.
  • The vehicle gives a mileage of 3.4 km per litre

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