Honda RCV 1000 MotoGP Replica may arrive in 2015

Honda RCV 1000 MotoGP Replica

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Rumor has it that Honda will reveal the rumored Honda RCV 1000 MotoGP Replica at the 2013 EICMA in Milan, Italy in November 2013.

Pictures of the new bike have emerged on social networks and it looks amazingly awesome but is highly expensive at the same time. The rumored price tag of €100,000 ($133,500) might break the hearts of casual riders!

Honda RCV 1000 MotoGP Rep

This beast will most likely have specs similar to the Honda RC123V Pedrosa an Marquez, while the engine could be a V4, delivering more than 200 hp.

Some reports suggest the bike is ready, while some say it will arrive in 2015. Let’s wait for EICMA.

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