Ferrari’s first F1 winner Jose Froilan Gonzalez passes away

Jose Froilan Gonzalez

Jose Froilan Gonzalez, the first man to win a world championship Formula 1 event for Scuderia Ferrari, has passed away. He was 90.

He was born in Argentina and raced in Formula One from 1950 through 1957. His one last single race was in 1960.

In the 1951 British Grand Prix at the Silverstone track, Gonzalez clinched first Formula One victory for Ferrari.

The Argentine drove for teams like Maserati, Talbot-Lago, Ferrari and Vanwall.

“We had spoken not that long ago, talking about cars and racing, the topics he was most enthusiastic about. Over all these years, he was always very attached to Ferrari and, as a driver and a man, he played an integral part in our history. His death means we have lost a true friend,” said Ferrari president Luca Di Montezemolo.

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