Model Jelacy Ramirez takes a ride in 900 HP Evo [Video/Photo Gallery]

Model Jelacy Ramirez

A beautiful girl screaming and giggling inside a speeding car is fun to watch and we have shown you a number of pretty women taking joy rides in the past.

This time its sexy hispanic model Jelacy Ramirez, who after taking part in a photo shoot for ThatRacingChannel, where she posed with an Evo IX, took a ride in the car.

This drag racing machine produces 900 horsepower, which more than enough to fasten the heartbeats of any girl.

Now, a little information about Jelacy, for those who don’t know her: this sexy babe has been modeling for last few years. Born in Cuba, she now lives in Miami.

Watch the video to see the reaction of another eye candy in a speeding car.


Via: ThatRacingChannel

Photo Via: Joe Lantoine

Post Author: Dinesh Chandra

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