Watch Video: Man in car gives a group of girls slap on their butts!

girls slap on their butts

Three courageous men amazed the passersby on the streets of Holland (as the language suggests). What amazed them was an interesting sight. Well, from the world of the web enters this strange or shall we say a humorous video that promises not only to motivate you but also help you distress.

Three men were driving their Skoda on the roads of Holland. What was interesting was the sight that they created. All thanks to a strange and a peculiar mobile contraption that a young group of pranksters stumbled upon. They created something that can be called something as the four wheels with a sitting bar on the top of it. It became more of an encouragement for the young group when the customers appeared to be interested in pedaling.

It gained so much of an interest that the innovative mobile bar was even approached by a Skoda. But it might be in pursuit of a little more fun than the lone, the bar, as one of the front passenger gave the pedaling girls a slap at the back. Some fun!

Watch the video to enjoy some light moments!

Post Author: Mita Mukherjee

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