Watch Video: Israeli man creates fully functional Origami Cardboard Bike


There are some minds in this world that you can’t argue with, because they don’t take no for an answer and this is one of the reasons that we can use these minds to our advantage. Israeli innovator Izhar Gafni is one of those. He made a bike out of cardboard.

The reason he did this is because three engineers told him he can’t do it. Gafni went to some extents to create this bike as he discovered that using principles of Origami a strong bike capable of bearing a full grown man can be made. Apart from functional and strong the bike is durable and weatherproof plus it costs $9.

Along with the effort put in to create it, the bike will cost anything between $50-$60. Giora Kariv, a friend of Gafni made a documentary over this and the documentary is more than just inspirational, its beautiful.

Via: Ripleys, Youtube

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