Hot Russian girls enjoying 6D racing simulator [Videos]


Russian dashcams videos are the most exciting ones because they always have something that would keep you hooked and it was during a search for something like that, when we had our hands on to this beautiful video.

Now what else would you need other than three beautiful girls in matching costumes and that too matching racing costumes, and to top that they are all dancing. After their little shake, they take turns to enjoy a 6D racing simulator built by XD Motion which is equivalent to sitting behind in an F1 race car.

The simulator lets them enjoy and have a good time, giving the exact experience that you would expect in a real F1 race. This is definitely an advertisement for the simulator which costs RUB 980,000 rubles, which is about €25,000 or $31,000.

Now, would you love to pay this amount and have almost the experience or would you want a real one for a lot more.

Source: Youtube

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