Oops! Lindsay Lohan crashes Porsche 911 into a truck


This is not the first time and since we know her too well, we know this won’t be the last time. A car accident is what I am talking about and Lindsay Lohan is related to it. This time around she was at the end of an eighteen wheeler that looked completely squashed. We wonder how she managed to get out in a single piece. She really needs to catch some breath, as again she knocked a Porsche 911 at the rear end of the truck.

We cannot claim her to be driving under influence as the police had both the truck driver and the starlet checked. Witnesses claim to have seen Lohan bleeding and bruised along with the co-passenger, her personal assistant.

The accident which took place at the Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monita, California, is not the first one Lindsay has been involved with, but this time around she is not taking the blame. According to the 25 year old actress, the eighteen wheeler tried to cut her off, but since the road was straight and it was Porsche that hit the back of the truck, we hardly think Lindsay is not guilty.

The best part of the whole incident is that, Lindsay did not knock up her own car, but in actuality it was a rental car. Again since the Porsche was Carrera, it will cost her a good amount of money. It will be an aftershock and we can just hope she starts to not drive any vehicle that goes over 60 mph.

Via: Autoevolution

Photo Credit: TMZ.com

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