Meet the 100-year-old electric car


We have really started getting a hang of electric vehicles now a day. Be it a car or a bike, with an agenda of saving the environment and saving energy, all the players in automobile industry have turned towards the electric vehicle. Still, we only think about the better electric cars as a concept. For us an electric car is a new technology.

Well, it’s time to put a rest to the speculations that we make and learn about history which shows that electric cars haven been with us for over a century now. Not in its most effective and sleekest of forms, but it was present and it is nothing new.

Above you can see the picture of an electric car charging and this picture dates back to 1909. More surprising is that fact that in 1909, this technology was already in its 15th year. So be sure electric cars are not something that was conceived during our parent’s era, it has been there for much more.

100 yr old EV

The first electric car was on the streets of Philadelphia in 1894. Weighing 4,400 pounds the vehicle was powered by an adapted ship motor and by no means was it a sleek machine, but it was the first step.

Here is a short trip in history about the who, why and how of the first step in EV technology. The company who had the idea and built it wanted to use it as a taxi fleet service like we have now days. But the mismanagement and improper drivers did not bring the business any good outside of New York. So the business never flourished. That is how it ended and never got the attention, something so futuristic should have got.

It would be an interesting debate to have, that what would have the world transport been like today had this business of the EV’s flourished. Nobody can know, but maybe then a gas or petrol engine would be an innovation today.


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