Lindsay Lohan spotted with a Cadillac Escalade

Lindsay Lohan with a Cadillac Escalade

Lindsay Lohan was recently spotted getting inside a Cadillac Escalade and we were wondering why? One of the red flags is that she must not have been sober enough. We agree Cadillac has a kind of an image in the United States, where it’s like the classy vehicle that’s is not really that classy in many aspects.

Outdated technology, average looks and dynamics that are of a regular high priced car. Three reasons for a celebrity to not have this car and no reason for them to have it. We would expect Lindsay to more classy with her ride. And it is not just her, Cadillac has sold quite a few Escalades and may of them have been bought by celebrities. It looks like it is the things for them.

What we suggest is Lindsay takes a break, gets her head straight and then help herself to an exquisite car that would match her popularity of being an International Artist.

Lindsay Lohan Spotted Getting Inside a Cadillac Escalade

Source: Autoevolution

Photo Credit: Celebritycarsblog

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