Spotted: Mariah Carey in her new Mercedes SLK

Mariah Carey in Mercedes SLK

Porsche Cayenne is a nice thing to have, but when someone like Mariah Carey gets the SUV in Pink, you really wish you could tell her a thing or two about cars. Well, now she has finally done a good job in buying a car, replacing the Cayenne with a Mercedes Benz SLK, a black one.

Apparently the car was gifted by her Husband, Nick Canon. Apparently the actor cm comedians cum rapper cum TV Personality couldnot bear the Pink thing anymore. So, he bought it and then Personalized it before handing it over to Mariah.

Mariah Carey in Mercedes SLK

In the picture we can see that she is not driving, maybe she still misses the Pink ride but she needs to understand it is so not cool to not drive a gift from your husband, especially when it’s better than what you used to have.

The embroidered M in headrests is really amazing but they are pink. It won’t really dampen other aspects as the car is black and looks sleeker.

Mariah Carey in Mercedes SLK

Source: Autoevolution Via Celebritycarsblog

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