Video: 2013 Buick Enclave Ad features Victoria’s Secret Supermodel Marisa Miller


Buicks not shy of getting the best and neither does it hold its hand in spending when it comes to marketing. The Detroit carmaker’s recent ads show that along with quality they are willing to go that extra mile to get the needed attention.

First they got Shaq O’Neal with a commercial for the LaCrosse followed by an ad featuring Ving Rhames for Buick’s leasing program and now they have Victoria’s Secret Model Angel and Sports Illustrated swimsuit eye candy Marisa Miller for their latest ad.

The 33 year old super model will be seen in an ad for the facelifted 2013 Buick Enclave crossover. The ad will have Miller in a bikini with a see through top over it. She will be shown getting in and out of the car and in that time period the technical specifications of the car will be highlighted.

Mesmerize yourselves with the behind the scenes video, because even if you don’t buy car Marsia is worth a watch.

Source: , Youtube

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