Tamara Ecclestone gets a Bentley Continental GT from boyfriend Omar Khyami

Tamara Ecclestone buys Bentley Continental GT

Daughter of Formula 1 Boss Bernie Ecclestone and a TV Presenter, Tamara Ecclestoen needs no introduction. Of course this introduction must be complemented with some heavy weight news and we have one right here.

The good looking lady was recently seen at one of Britain’s poshest and most expensive petrol stations and she was with her new car, Continental GT which had every luxury Bentley could offer. This was gifted by her boy friend Omar Khyami.

We come to know that the coupe was vandalized just days after she took it for this petrol station run.

“What kind of sick society do we live in where you can’t park your car on the street because some horrible little b*****d will vandalize it,” Tamara Ecclestone wrote on her official Twitter page.

She definitely has strong feelings for her car and won’t let anyone get off it if it happens again. Congrats on the great gift though.

Source: Autoevolution

Photo Credit: GhanaMMA

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