Quick Review: 2012 Christini AWD 450 DS

2012 Christini AWD 450 DS

The 2012 Christini AWD 450 DS is your ticket to uniqueness in the dual-sport world. AWD is not just a feature that has been coined to lure customers; it is a very purposeful feature that allows the rider to climb hills which would not be possible with a single wheel drive bike.

It’s handling of corners just makes you fall in love with it. Though Christini is mum over the motor of this bike, guess points towards Honda CRF450F, which means it is both powerful and reliable.

It comes with both kick and electric start and 5 speed transmission. Stands at a dry weight of 275 pounds              and costs $7695. Everything that was important about the bike has been told, now its time you checked it out for yourselves. For more details, you can also logon to the website www.christini.com.


Engine:  SOHC 4V single

Transmission: 5-speed

Wheelbase: 58.2 inches

Seat height: 37.5 inches

Weight:  275 pounds

Tank: 2.6 Gallon

AWD Warranty: 1 Year

Source: Ultimatemotorcycling

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