Justin Bieber’s spotted driving a Matte Black Smart

Justin Bieber’s spotted driving a Matte Black Smart

Well one small car is finding favors with some big names. We are talking about smart and it is been driven by some famous personalities lately. The most recent one is Canadian Singer Justin Beiber.

He was seen driving the smart while he was leaving a Ducati showroom in Los Angeles. One thing noticeable was that his smart is way different than what others have. He has this black matte covered smart which completely rips off the cheeky part it had.

His love for black is well known since he has a completely black Range Rover and also a West Coast Customs done Cadillac CTS-V Coupe called the batmobile and as the name suggests, it is black as well.

His smart is fitted with fitted with a full body kit, lowered suspension and rides on multi-spoke alloys. Definitely doesn’t pack up a celebrity punch but at least the car is getting some recognition. As for Beiber’s spending ways, Miss Gomez must be having something to say.

Source: Autoevolution via Celebrity Car Blog

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