Parnelli Jones 1971 “Big Oly” Ford Bronco tribute up for grabs on eBay [Photo Gallery/Videos]

Parnelli Jones 1971 Big Oly Ford Bronco tribute

Some tribute vehicles aren’t just a true copy of the original; they come of age to pay tribute in a better way. They save the heritage while adding up some creativity and performance from their side.

We have found an ideal tribute today, which is built as a homage to Parnelli Jones 1971 Big Oly Ford Bronco Baja 1000 bruiser. It uses a modern trophy truck chassis wrapped in extremely large fiberglass first generation Bronco body.

Owner Marshall Mardruga built the beast to tackle the Baja 1000, but then he decided against it and made it a show truck instead. Giving out 723 hp, this beauty has the capability to rule any landscape.

Parnelli Jones 1971 Big Oly Ford Bronco tribute

After the bodywork, all the visible component were plated in brass or nickel and then protected with a clear powder coat in preparation for SEMA 2011. And the best part is you be the new owner of this beast. It is available in San Diego, California via eBay Motors and you need to have a purse of $535,000. This is the buy it now price. Don’t waste time, this machine will shut down every other garage in neighborhood.



Source: eBay, Autoblog, Youtube

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