Mythbusters tests square wheel theory using Ford F-series pickup truck [Videos]

April 11, 2012 by: Rituraj Mishra

mythbusters tests square wheel theory

Most of us have wondered why we have only circular wheels and not square or rectangular wheels. Though we all came to know the science behind it by the time we reached 5th grade, there still remained the curiosity, what if my car had square wheels? Well, keep these thoughts to your mind only, coz Mythbusters are finally in a position to answer the query.

Even though we all know the end result, it would be great to see a car on square wheels and on behalf of every twisted mind in this world, the guys from Mythbusters did it. They used a Ford F-series pickup truck for their small and exciting instrument.

They will have the full episode aired soon, but for now we have some videos that would give you an idea why we have circular wheels. These guys are fun in so many ways, you can’t describe.

Source: Autoblog Via Mythbusters

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