Ducati 798 Desmosport R Concept from Oberdan Bezzi

Ducati 798 Desmosport R Concept Oberdan Bezzi 02

Today we take a look at Oberdan Bezzi’s Ducati 798 Desmosport R Concept. With this bike he has tried to provide the best performance at a much lower price. For his 798 Bezzi ignored the water cooled 1,200 cc Superquadro motor and instead went for the proven DesmoDue air-cooled lump currently found in the Hypermotard and Monster lines.

What Radical Ducati and NCR have been delivering for some years at a very high price is delivered by this 798 at a much lower price. We are looking at a power of 100 hp, dry weight of 365 lbs and a price of €9,000.

Ducati 798 Desmosport R Concept Oberdan Bezzi 01

Ducati 798 Desmosport features a traditional Ducati trellis-style frame, which the frameless chassis admirer’s won’t approve of. The performance seems poor for the mentioned price and the notion of a lightweight air-cooled Italian bike excites, coz many have been waiting for a bike like this for a long time.

Well at least a fresh concept is here now and in some ways we can expect the new Ducati 799 to include some of these suggestions.

Source: Asphaltandrubber Via Oberdan Bezzi

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