Dayanis Garcia Hot Photo Shoot: GT-R and EVO get a piece of Cuban spice [Video/Photo Gallery]

Dayanis Garcia Hot Photo Shoot

Why would a guy be jealous of a car? Basically they are not, but when they see some one like Dayanis Garcia posing around a GT-R and EVO IX in the most sizzling ways, it’s got to hurt.

A very raunchy photo shoot video from DST Motorsports has offered us a view of Dayanis, fromCuba. Just 24 years of Age and at 5’5 she looks amazing and takes you breath away. She looks stunning next to a Mitsubishi Evo IX, Nissan GTR and some Covettes, not that she is not stunning without them.

In fact somehow the cars look better by her side, but you know that is a personal opinion, some can be blind enough to ignores beauty at its best. You can watch some more videos on TheRacingChannel where some reaction shots of the model is available with the cars and she can be seen riding Nissan GT-R in one of the videos.

When you check out the videos, take this as a advice and be considerate enough to look at the cars as well. I mean the video is meant for the vehicles purpose.

Via: Theracingchannel

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