Video: Velos Designwerks’ hot photoshoot with Sueliey Rodriguez

Sueliey Rodriguez Hot Photoshoot

While it is no myth that cars and ladies aren’t the love birds, some try to go against the natural laws of nature. I mean how can a girl like something that is more important to guys than the girls.

But what’s ironic is that a car is always described in adjectives that are feminine and mind you, a car is always beautiful never handsome. So there is a connection somewhere but its hard to explain so negligence has been adopted till now.

But then there are people who change the things are. One of them is the Miami based design house VelosDesignwerks. They did a seductive photoshoot, with a blue Porsche 911 GT3, Ferrari F430, M3, Gallardo and the very hot Sueliey Rodriguez.

Let me deviate for a moment to let you know she is extremely gorgeous and hot. So, the photshoot does prove a point about chicks and cars having admiration and future where they might like each other. But for now, the thing is that this video is amazing with all the big cars and the sultry model. No wonder if YouTube hits keep on increasing. Good job Velos.

Source: VelosDesignwerks/Youtube

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