1929-32’ Bentley expected to fetch $6.1 mn to become the most expensive Bentley ever sold at an auction

1929-32’ Bentley

Breaking all the records set by the all the Bentley’s at all the auctions will be the 1929-32’ Bentley. To be auctioned at Bonhams’ Goodwood event in June the timeless classic is expected to fetch around $6.1 million. This amount will break the highest bid of $5.1 for 1930 Bentley Speed Six Tourer.

Among the collection of seven cars and two bikes of George Daniels, a British Watchmaker who died last year, the 1929-32’ is one to behold and admire. The whole collection is expected to rake up about $12.6. So we can say from the 9 items, one Bentley will be gagging up about 50% of the total collections. May I say anything more highlighting the importance of this Bentley?

1929-32’ Bentley2

Dipped in red, the supercharged single seater with a 4 1/2- Liter once belonged to Sir Henry “Tiger Tim” Birkin, a British racing folk hero, and set a lap record at the Brooklands Outer Circuit at 137 mph in 1931.

Since it has an illustrious history, being owned by eminent figures and personal milestones to brag about, the price is not unfair. And also it’s a vintage Bentley. Postpone expensive holidays for now or a new home, you need some big bucks to get this baby.

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